Now the site is in the process of development

  The purpose of the site live video stream from the aquarium-terrarium, as well as creating a photo gallery of the most interesting moments that managed to capture on photo. In the terrarium, live ants and fish (possibly will be added over time and other insects), and dwarf trees in the style of bonsai. For all this beauty can be seen online, as well as watch photos and video materials from the moment of creation, to the present moment. Here you can see photos and videos of the best moments from the life of the terrarium. Over time, a live broadcast will be organized.You can also help the development of the project in the section “project Assistance”, of course if you have such a desire. I have always been interested in the settlement of other planets, the creation of orbital stations of cities where millions of people can live, as well as closed systems with independent life support functions. I believe that the future of humanity depends on how we learn to survive in the harsh conditions of the infinite cosmos, creating favorable living conditions for ourselves. In the terrarium I try to create a closed cycle, that it would exist without interference from outside, but so far there is a long way to go and a lot of experiments which can become participants and you, thanks to modern technology. I am constantly striving to improve the quality of content, if you have any requests or questions you can Contact me .