I originally planned to section the photo to make only photos from the terrarium, but since I love to photograph and upload pictures of nowhere, many drains and galleries present their demands, I decided to expand and spread their works, not those I deem fit(other), and that I like. Actually, I don’t understand why the photo has to be of certain standards, the standards must choose a visitor, spectator, and not a certain group of people who decided that this is good and this is bad, it can be shown, and it is not, etc . I think that even non-professional photos have the right to be exposed to the public. History has repeatedly shown that many well-known artists, photographers and other artists have been recognized for a long time later than they did. I think that’s unfair. Come on. I wish you a pleasant viewing, I hope you’ll find here something new and interesting for yourself.  If you have any requests or suggestions you can write to me in the contact section.